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IN the course of our twelve fortnightly meetings we have discussed over 80 subjects,  current at the times of the meetings. In just a few weeks in 2006a great deal has been going on in Britain, never mind the rest of the world . Some of the subjects have recurred: Iraq, Iran and George Bush have been under close scrutiny at most meetings. Some of the humorous subjects discussed provided plenty of laughter; “What is wrong with men and whom do women dress for?” “70% of women prefer a good book to eating, drinking and cooking and, yes – sex.”img_u3a

The Member, who said we were too old for it, met an immediate response “Speak for yourself’!” The Group Leader, who was attacking private medicine, drew the response, “It’s open to each person to decide what to spend their money on. The point was made by the comment, “You choose to visit Australia every year, don’t you?”

Do you know that British women are not producing enough babies? A shortfall of 90,000 a year. Some leave it too late. At an age over 30 there can be problems.

Do you know that it costs 600 million pounds to win about 60 Olympic medals?

Do you know that Tesco is buying up land just to foil competitors?
That 60% of bottled water is not as pure as tap water; buy a bottle, but refill from the tap. Only one subject met with unanimous agreement – Queen Elizabeth II. We all love her.

The attendances were rather fewer than in the previous year and this was put down to the moving of sessions from morning to afternoon. Next
year we will revert to mornings. At our final meeting on 24th April Members were asked to introduce a relative or friend to U3A.

Finally I want to express appreciation of the kind words and handsome gifts given to me at that meeting. We have had fun and this is down to all
the Group Members.

In particular to Erika, our Group Secretary, who has been ever present and
arranged for a Group lunch to be held at the White Hart in Holybourne on 17th May.


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